Getting Started In Graded Collectible Coins

Getting Started In Graded Collectible Coins

Some of the best investments you can own are graded collectible coins. These coins historically hold their value even in times of extreme economic upheaval. They are treasured by collectors of all ages and have been used through history as a means of maintaining wealth.

Coins by their very nature are attractive to serious investment minded collectors. This is because the underlying material is money. As opposed to other forms of collecting such as Art where the creator may fall out of fashion, graded collectible coins do not go out of fashion.

Even in times of sever crisis, there exists a market where highly valued collectible grade coins are bought and sold. At auction some of these coins can fetch millions of dollars. The wealthy collectors always are interested in the acquisition of high-grade coins.

This is an important point to note, note all coins should be collected. Only high-grade coins should be considered viable means to collect. This is because the higher the rating according to the grading standards the more desirable the coin. Historically, the finest examples of collectible coins have always been in demand.

There are established methods for judging a coins value, and therefore you can be certain that when you are looking at a coin what it’s approximate value is. This is not something that is up for debate. There are guides that will tell you an approximate value.

The coins that are considered collectible are graded on a scale that has various letters and numbers that correspond to certain things such as polish, shine, detail, wear on specific sections etc. For instance, on a Morgan Silver dollar a great deal of emphasis is placed upon the wear upon the feathers of the bird

Morgan silver dollars are extremely popular to collect. But because they were used in such widespread manners you are going to find many that are simply not good for collecting.

You will always want a coin to have been graded by a professional agency. They will use a scale and the numbers will indicate the state of the coin. For instance a Morgan silver dollar in VG state is not really desirable. However, a Morgan silver dollar in MS-70 is very high quality.

Take for instance the $ 20.00 St. Gaudens. If you owned one in MS-68 quality they would sell at auction at anywhere from $ 300,000 to 3 million, depending on the year.

This is a coin that is one of the most highly sought after coins, not all will sell this high, for instance an 1883 Morgan silver dollar in Ms-65 will sell at auction for around $ 500.00 But it is pleasing to note that this same coin was selling for $ 125.00 in 1980, and then 200 in 1990, so it appreciates quite nicely.

Remember that the rarer the better. Certain coins are always in big demand. St. Gaudens, and other forms of gold-based American coins are among the most collectible. They have double benefits as they are based on gold, so have the added attraction of being a graded collectible coin and also a gold coin.

If you enjoy the pleasure of coin collecting, acquiring graded collectable coins is a goal that is reachable.

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